Infinitely interchangeable logos. One hoodie.

We made a simple way to represent multiple company affiliations. If you're part of many organizations, if you're job-fluid, or if you want to promote a bunch of things (and sometimes nothing): a hoodie can constantly be rebranded with the magic of Velcro. You can get logos and kits through us. Or, get a hoodie with the system already sewn into it. OneHoodie is a good way to keep your wardrobe minimal while you promote unlimited projects.

Commonly Asked Questions

I have a job and five side projects. What do I do?
You just need one hoodie! With six different logos. Solved.
My company is changing it's name. Do I need a new hoodie?
Nope. Just switch the logo.
I switched my job three times this year. Do I need more hoodies?
You only need one.
We're doing some rebranding. Am I stuck wearing our old logo forever?
Keep the hoodie. Replace the logo.
I just want to be incognito today. Can I take my logo off?



Project by Danielle Baskin in 2017.